Medi-Cal Planning

Medi-Cal Planning

The Medi-Cal entitlement program is California’s version of the federal government’s Medicaid program. Medicaid was designed and placed into law in 1965 by Congress in order to provide a need-based safety net for those who face catastrophic illness and require convalescent care.

One of the hardest decisions to make is determining the need for nursing home care for a loved one. Understanding the facts can help you become aware of the choices that will best suit the needs and wishes of your family.

It can be tough to figure out what you’re entitled to under current and constantly changing Medi-Cal requirements. You may have been incorrectly told that you can’t qualify for Medi-Cal or you may fear that you have too much money to receive these benefits. Rather than wondering and worrying—you can be sure.

Enlist the help of the Medi-Cal Specialists at Robert W. Ash. There’s no charge to get the information you need for the peace of mind you deserve. For instance, if certain conditions are met, California does not require you to sell off all your assets and “spend-down” in order to qualify for benefits.

At Robert W. Ash we understand Medi-Cal requirements and can help you access your nursing home or home care entitlements. By following current approved protocol we help seniors qualify and apply for Medi-Cal everyday, and we help families avoid unnecessary spend-down and costly estate claims.

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